Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Confederate Memorial Day

On this day, April 26th, the state of Mississippi celebrates Confederate Memorial Day.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mississippi Medal of Honor


Navy Valor
U.S. Navy
Recipients of The Medal of Honor

Natchez - Brown, Wilson Civil War
Ship's Island - Freeman, Martin Civil War


Rank and Organization: Private, Company B, 1st Louisiana Cavalry. Place and Date: At Mount Pleasant, Ala., 11 April 1865. Birth: Germany. Date of Issue: Unknown.


Capture of flag.

Brown, Wilson
Landsman, U.S. Navy
U.S.S. Hartford
Date of Action:  August 05, 1864
The Medal of Honor is presented to Wilson Brown, Landsman, U.S. Navy, for extraordinary heroism in action while serving on board the flagship U.S.S. Hartford during successful attacks against Fort Morgan, rebel gunboats and the ram Tennessee in Mobile Bay, Alabama, on 5 August 1864. Knocked unconscious into the hold of the ship when an enemy shellburst fatally wounded a man on the ladder above him, Landsman Brown, upon regaining consciousness, promptly returned to the shell whip on the berth deck and zealously continued to perform his duties although four of the six men at this station had been either killed or wounded by the enemy's terrific fire.
General Order No. 45, December 31, 1864
Born:  at Natchez, Mississippi
Home Town:  Natchez, Mississippi

Freeman, Martin
U.S. Civilian
Pilot (Attached to the U.S. Navy), U.S.S. Hartford
Date of Action:   August 05, 1864
The Medal of Honor is presented to Martin Freeman, Civilian Pilot, U.S. Civilian, for extraordinary heroism in action as Pilot of the flagship, U.S.S. Hartford, during action against Fort Morgan, rebel gunboats and the ram Tennessee, in Mobile Bay, Alabama, 5 August 1864. With his ship under terrific enemy shellfire, Civilian Pilot Martin Freeman calmly remained at his station in the maintop and skillfully piloted the ships into the bay. He rendered gallant service throughout the prolonged battle in which the rebel gunboats were captured or driven off, the prize ram Tennessee forced to surrender, and the fort successfully attacked.
General Order No. 45, August 5, 1864
Born:   5/18/1814 at Germany
Home Town:   Ship's Island, Mississippi

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Forrest County Confederate Monument

Forrest county Confederate Monument

When their county called
they held back nothing.
They cheerfully gave their
property and their lives.

Through the devotion and
untiring efforts of the
Hattiesburg Chapter No. 422
of the United Daughters
of the Confederacy, this
monument is erected to
the honor and memory of
those who wore the gray.

Natchez Court and Land Claim Records


Natchez Court and Land Claim Records

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