Thursday, January 6, 2011

All confidence in the North is lost in the South;cc=harp;q1=Mississippi;rgn=full%20text;idno=harp0022-3;didno=harp0022-3;node=harp0022-3%3A13;view=image;seq=415;page=root;size=s;frm=frameset - Harper's New Monthly Magazine Volume 0022 Issue 129 (February 1861) Title: Monthly Record of Current Events: Monthly Record of Current Events [pp. 404-408]

"The Southern States are taxed without adequate representation; and for the last forty years the taxes laid by Congress have been laid for the benefit of the North; not merely for the purposes of revenue, but to promote Northern manufactures. Three fourths of the taxes raised at the South are spent at the North. This has paralyzed southern cities, making them mere suburbs of those at the North. The basis of the foreign commerce of the United States is the agricultural products of the south; yet this commerce is not carried on at the south, whose foreign trade is almost annihilated. The agitations on the subject of slavery are, continues the Address, the natural results of the consolidation of the Government. Responsibility follows power, and if the people of the North have the power by Congress, "to promote the general welfare of the United States, " by any means which they deem expedient, why should they not assail slavery in the South? Slavery being the only sectional interest, if this could be made the criterion of parties, the North could carry out its measure of aggrandizement and encroachment..........(more) ....All confidence in the North is lost in the South."

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