Friday, January 7, 2011

Our trip to Deer Creek and Dr. Nailor
We passed the residence of Dr. Nailor, whom we all described as the most patriotic citizen we met in Mississippi. He had barrels of cistern water which was a "rarity." His servants had drawn the water from the cistern. He and his family were sitting by the roadside, busily engaged in giving each soldier a drink and filling his canteen. His table was ready for one and all. Dr. Nailor said he had been feeding soldiers ever since the beginning of the war, and had never exacted one cent in return.

Report of Gen. W. E. Baldwin's Office

Here we remained until Friday morning, the 8th, when I was again directed to move to Dr. Nailor's, 10 miles from Vicksburg, on the Warrenton and Hall's Ferry road. The command was kept all the time in readiness for an immediate movement, supplied with two days' cooked rations in haversacks, two days' rations in regimental wagons, and two days' supplies in hands of brigade commissary.

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Dr. Daniel Burnett Nailer was a Warren county physician who lived in the Asbury community about ten miles from the Batchelors. Mrs. Nailer was the former Teresa Selser Martin.

Jefferson Nailor owned land in Warren county MS in 1835.

Betsey Young was 50 yo, also from Warren county, was one of the 4,000 black Civil War nurses who served the Union.  *Note: Betsey Young's CWSS record specifies "mulatto".

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