Sunday, January 9, 2011

Civil War Education in 1899

Educational foundations:
a text book for the professional teacher, Volume 10 (Google eBook)
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A.S. Barnes, 1899 - Education

Mention an important event bearing on the slavery question in each of the following periods: (a) 1815 to 1825 (b) 1845 to 1855.

(a) The Missouri Compromise. (b) The Omnibus bill.

What was the special advantage of location which in each case made the following places important points in the Civil war: (a) Fort Sumter; (b) Island No 10; (c) Fortress Monroe.

(a) Gaurded Charleston Harbor. (b) It controlled the navigation of the Mississippi river. (c) It gaurded the entrance to Chesapeake bay, the James river and Hampton roads.

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